Spring is in the air…

It has been a few months since I wrote and published a blog post. There are several reasons for that. One was that I was buried under a lot of papers and final exams and it was Christmas.

Once the holidays over I decided to think about the purpose of the blog. I came to the conclusion that I just love to write about what is going on in my online courses. Then I looked at my blog and it looked extremely boring and stale like the month of January full of different shades of gray. So I decided to just take some time to think about it and my redesign sort of fell to the waste side because of everything that was going at the beginning of the spring semester, but as time passed I missed not writing about my courses, teaching, and students.

During this time I realized that these posts help me reflect and look back on what I do every day which in turn helps me be a better educator. It allows me to really think through the methods, tools, and approaches I use in my courses. The conversation I have every few weeks while blogging keeps me focused, thinking, and moving forward.

So, as this week marks the beginning of spring and as it is the reason where everything begins to come to life and bloom I thought it would be appropriate to re-launch my little blog site. So today I have finished recreating my blog and I am looking forward to start blogging!!!

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” -Robin Williams





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