Time Management and Final Exams

I have to say that I missed writing a post last week. It was a long week full of grading final exams, making sure all of the grades were posted, and several zoom meetings. The end of semesters are a busy time of the year. So, as a result, my post got pushed back to this week. This time I also had a hard time thinking about what I wanted to talk about because of having to grade 80 final exams and committee work.

While I was grading, I was thinking about time management, and of all the years I have been teaching I have always had a hard time finish by the due date and getting ready for summer courses. It was either getting ready for my courses or grading the reason that keeps happening because the university usually gives us a week to grade final exams, post grades, and get ready for the summer session 1 but because of the quarantine I decided this semester to manage my time better and start prepping for my summer courses early.

For the first time in 14 years, I finished early and didn’t have to work during Memorial Day weekend, so I have time to write. It is amazing what can happen when you manage your time effectively. This is certainly a lesson that I am going to remember from now on. What have you learned this semester?




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