Time Management and Final Exams

I have to say that I really missed writing a post last week. It was a long week full of grading final exams, making sure all of the grades were posted, and several zoom meetings. The end of semesters are a busy time of the year. So, as a result, my post got pushed back to this week. This time I also had a hard time thinking about what I wanted to talk about because of having to grade 80 final exams and do committee work.

While I was grading, I was thinking about time management, and of all the years I have been teaching at UMB I have always had a hard time finishing by the due date and getting ready for summer courses. I either got ready to teach summer courses or grade final exams. The reason that keeps happening is because the university usually gives us a week to grade final exams, post grades, and get ready for summer session 1 but because of the quarantine for the first time I decided this semester to manage my time better and start prepping for my summer courses early.

For the first time in 14 years, I finished early and didn’t have to work during Memorial Day weekend, so I have time to write. It is amazing what can happen when you manage your time effectively. This is certainly a lesson that I am going to remember from now on. What have you learned this semester?




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