Virtual Conferences

The past few years there are many organizations that have been putting some of their sessions online for those who for whatever reason cannot travel in order to participate at a conference. The first one that I participated in a few years ago was OLC or Online Learning Consortium. The first time it only offered a very small selection of presentations, the second year there were more and it offered as well as allowed the participants to watch recorded sessions later on because it is not easy to listen in on live online sessions while working. It’s not like you are at a conference and you are taking time off to go listen to different sessions. As many of us know participating in a conference is hard work. So, I really enjoyed the option of being able to listen to the different recorded sessions at a more convenient time for me.

This year due to the pandemic a lot more organizations instead of canceling their conferences for the year they are utilizing platforms like zoom and Webex to put their conferences completely online.

Here are some links:

OLC Innovate 2020:

The Inside Higher ed has posted a lot of different conferences:

Tesol: has its virtual convention in July. That one I am planning on attending so I can see the difference between OLC  and will be reporting back.



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