Interactive Grammar Exercises

Adjectives Exercise

Adjectives Comparison Exercise

Adverbs Exercise 1

Adverb Exercise 2

Conjunctions Exercise 1

Conjunctions Exercise 2

Infinitives Exercise

Interjections Exercise

Modals Exercise

Nouns Exercise

Nouns Plural Exercise 1

Nouns Plural Exercise 2

Reported Speech Exercise

Passive Voice Exercise

Prepositions Exercise 1

Prepositions Exercise 2

Pronoun Exercise 1

Pronoun Exercise 2

Punctuation: Colon and Semicolon Exercise

Punctuation: Period, Question Mark & Exclamation Point Exercise

Relative Clauses Exercise

Subject Verb Agreement

Verbs: Regular and Irregular Verbs Exercise

Verb Tenses Exercise 1

Verb Tenses Exercise 2

Verb Tenses Exercise 3

Verb Tenses Exercise 4

Verb Tenses Exercise 5

Verb Tenses Exercise 6